Musician of the renowned Mexican band was found dead after allegations of abuse: he left a message on Twitter


Botellita de Jerez's bass player, Armando Vega Gil, was found dead on Monday, according to his group that the artist had announced a few hours earlier on networks that would commit suicide on charges of abuse.

The musician shared a text in his profile on Twitter in which he explained that a woman accused him of having raped her when she was only 13 years old, through the account #MeTooMusicosMexicanos, in which this type of event is reported.

This accusation, which the artist said in the text "did not happen," is among many others who are reaching out to Mexican musicians, journalists and actors, among others.

"I know that in the nets I have no way to defend myself, anything I say will be used against me …. Women, overwhelmed by fear and threat, are the main victims of our world," he wrote in his farewell letter.

In the first half of the text, the bassist, singer and writer related their inclinations to humanitarian aid and explained how he collaborated with organizations focused on children's rights.

He also said he would like to speak personally with the woman who has released the charge "with evidence, witnesses, advisers and the girls of the movement," but this could not be possible.

Vega Gil took it for granted throughout the letter that this charge would call into question all of his works, "because they are all built upon" his public credibility.

At the age of 64, he allegedly decided to end his life in a "conscious, voluntary, free and personal" way in order to "clear the way his son" goes in the future, the letter explained.

"With great regret, we report that our partner Armando Vega Gil died earlier today, we are suing this news and doing the corresponding procedures, rest in peace, little brother," Botellita de Jerez published in his profile on Twitter.

The artist, known as Cucurrucucú within his group, has throughout his life a multifaceted person who has worked in "performance", short film, anthropology, script, photography, animation or music.

As a writer, he has a long bibliography with which he has won distinctions such as the National Prize of History of San Luis Potosí or the National Prize of Poetry of the 19th University Floral Games of the Autonomous University of Campeche.

Since March 21, communicator Ana Ge reported in her Twitter account that "a powerful man in the literary circle," whom he later identified as Herson Barona, had manipulated, conceived, and abandoned more than ten women.

It was from this accusation that in this social network many women were encouraged to report several cases, using the #MeToo that appeared in late 2017 in the United States to report harassment and sexual abuse of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

In Mexico, the #MeToo movement took place in early 2018 after Mexican actress Karla Souza reported being sexually assaulted and raped earlier in her career by a film director.

After Souza's case, actresses like Stephany Sigman or Paola Núñez and the blue Olympic diver Almazán also encouraged to complain about their experiences in this sense.


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