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PreEp HIV prevention pills, policies and campaigns to prevent the virus, and Fonasa's coverage of the body reassignment of transgender people were among the topics discussed at a meeting this morning.

Friday 21 December 2018 4:36 a.m.


The Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh) met this morning with the Minister of Health, Emilio Santelices, in order to talk about various issues that refer to the health and respect for homosexuals in our country.

One of the topics covered was HIV / AIDS prevention, for which it was agreed that Movilh will make available to Minsal a survey on the sexual behavior of men who have sex with men, a material that will be received by the government, which has not yet received this type of information.

According to Diego Ríos, director of the health area of ​​Movilh, the minister said he was very happy to receive this information.

"The provision regarding HIV and STIs in the Ministry has always been a good provision, now, the work they have done clearly is an inefficient job, is what the prevalence of the virus says, but they have shown a lot of willingness to work in with civil society organizations and use this research as a basis for future prevention campaigns, "explained Ríos.


In addition, Diego Ríos said that at the meeting they could also talk about Fonasa's coverage of the health of transsexual people, specifically about corporal relocation operations, a topic that, although it had been discussed with other governments, had not addressed the current administration .

Regarding this, the head of the Movilh health department explained that "it always seems complex when a certain government is working on this issue, due to internal pressure, not to the will that the Ministry may have. , but we know that within the political parties and the right coalition there is pressure, there is an evangelical group that can oppose these issues. "

However, the health official clarified that "the willingness of the Ministry, Minister Santelices is a willingness to work on this policy and we hope that it will be fulfilled."

The need to generate a protocol that regulates the use of PrEP pills (pre-exposure prophylaxis) that the State will deliver since 2019 in Chile to prevent the virus has also been discussed: "PrEP can reduce the possibility in more than 90% Acquire the virus during sexual practices if taken daily.There should therefore be a protocol that guides people about their actual effects and encourages them to favor safe sexual practices because it is not the idea that the tablet causes relaxation, "explained Diego Rojas .

Movilh and Minister Santelices have agreed to continue working together, and the next task will be to facilitate and expand information on access to health for transgender people through the Minsal website, as so far the data are not available. publicly available or easily accessible.

Photographic credits: Movilh.


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