Mourinho criticized for Alexis level: "You pay him half a million pounds and you have him playing the ball"


Alexis Sánchez came to Manchester United as a great figure and quickly the fans deposited their chips in him to make showy the game of the team of Mourinho. It is that Maravilla came to perform at a high level in Arsenal and therefore the Red Devils made him the player better paid to get his signing at the beginning of the year.

However, the tocopillano has been far from achieving the expected performance and the criticisms have not stopped in the almost year that takes in Manchester. But in spite of the fact that all the weight often falls on him, Paul Ince, a history of the club, came to defend him and launched hard questions to the game of Mourinho, assuring that it is the problem in which the Chilean does not look.

"We are talking about United and, without disrespecting the Palace, you put Fellaini before Sanchez. What's the plan? When United can not score, you have to enter Fellaini to play the ball. The Palace is ready for that, "he told the BBC.

"You pay half a million pounds to Sanchez and it's not for him to be a quarterback, it's not for him to play the ball, we do not want him that way, we want him in the area. The fans have been patient, but I do not see cohesion in the team or a form of play, "he added.


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