Mourinho and decision to leave Alexis out of the Champions League game: "Not injured" | sports


The English media were again surprised after the marginalization of Alexis Sánchez in the duel between Manchester United and Young Boys per Champions of Lega.

Jose Mourinho He decided not to quote him for the appointment and the hours later he would reveal why he did it.

"No, Sanchez is not hurt. It was by technical decision"was the sharp response of Luso in press conference after qualifying for the second round of his squad.

"It's funny that you always talk about those who are not playing. You say that I left big names outside, yes, I left big names out. But I played with other guys and for me the good thing was that everyone in the field, for 90 minutes or 15 minutes, gave it all. And I'm happy with that attitude."Added Mourinho on the issue that involved the Chilean.


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