Mother exterminator of Luli's son attacks her: "She should never have been a mother"


And the controversy does not go away regarding the hospitalization of the son of Nicole "Luli" Moreno, who would be in a Sename center due to the crime of attempted murder after participating in a I shoot a 16 year old boy in Las Condes.

Who referred a lot to the case is Sandra Navarromother of the victim of this altercation, who lived terrible days of distress after his son was at risk of life.

To everyone's surprise, a new person has joined the criticism that exists against the model. And it would be the mother of the ex-partner of the son of Luli.

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In an interview with the network program, Intruders, delivered strong statements about the behavior of the young man who did not leave anyone alone.

According to his story, he heard the news while on his way to work and immediately called his crying confirmed that the child had been shot.

This shocked her and I did not know how the son of & # 39; Luli & # 39; had become such a person.

In this context, the mother clarified that the victim of the He was not his daughter's cousin. as they said the violent audios that leaked, but a friend.

So why did you call him a cousin? This was due to one of the qualities of Luli's son: he was manipulative and extremely jealous.

According to the mother, the son of Nicole Moreno did not let his daughter join the men, so the girl invented that her friend who ended up being shotShe was his cousin.

"Basically he threatened that he could not be with anyone and if my daughter uploaded a photo with a friend, he would pick up the phones, go to their schools. (His daughter) He never imagined that would come to this point …, "he said.

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As for the relationship they both had, the woman indicated that she never liked seemed "crooked".

He added that the teenager always met young people older than him and they were dangerous, since they were carrying guns.

Another aspect that drew attention to his words was the notice for Nicole Moreno about the bad steps of his son, who according to his mother, They were not heard.

"She should never have been a mother.because he cares more about his physical and his well-being, rather than about his son's well-being, "he said.

Finally he delivered a hard message: "It is good that they are wrong, but what Nicole's son did is not a mistake, he planned (…) He really needs help, but (also) love for a real mother. It's still time to take care of your child, "he said.


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