Saturday , October 23 2021

More than 3,000 diabetics can avoid daily holes through control equipment funded by Health



The Adviser analyzes to include among the beneficiaries the carriers of insulin infusion pumps

More than 3,000 diabetics can avoid daily punctures thanks to control equipment that has already been distributed to minors and those that are distributed as of 2019 for adults, funded by the Murcian Health Service and which will incur an annual cost of four million euros.

Nearly 2,500 murcians with type 1 diabetes who require more than six daily blood glucose controls among those with the priority of adults with disabilities will be able to use those devices that will be phased in from next year with an approximate total investment for this sector populational. million euros per year when fully implemented.

On the other hand, the Minister of Health is analyzing the inclusion among the priority beneficiaries of insulin pump carriers.

The Health Minister, Manuel Villegas, held a meeting today with the president of the diabetes federation Fremud, Silvia Serrano, in which he explained that "with this measure, in addition to avoiding punctures, the patient achieves better control of his diabetes." , which results in a higher quality of life ".

Currently, this system already has about 600 children and adolescents who require multiple doses of insulin and more than six controls per day.

The & # 39; Flash system & # 39; sensor glucose monitoring could be indicated by endocrinologists also for adults as an alternative to blood glucose test strips for adult patients requiring at least six digital fingerprints per day for self-monitoring of blood glucose. blood glucose. In these cases, patients with visual impairment or with severe functional limitations will have priority, patients suffering from repetitive hypoglycemia and pregnant women, among others.

The glucose monitoring system works through a small sensor probe that is placed on the arm and prevents repeated capillary punctures before insulin administration. The user only needs to pass an electronic reader on the sensor he placed on the arm, avoiding finger piercings.

This device already prevents up to six to eight daily perforations to measure glucose for about 600 children and young type 1 diabetics, between 4 and 18 years, with an annual cost of one million euros. In addition, it allows incorporating into the clinical history the actual data provided by this sensor at any time, which will provide more information to the specialist and greater control over the patient.

Incidence of diabetes

In the region of Murcia, according to data from the SMS, there are 106,500 people diagnosed with diabetes, a disease caused by elevated blood glucose levels, but an estimated 60,000 others are unknowingly, increasing to about 170,000.

Type 1 diabetes has a higher incidence among young people and children, is chronic and requires lifelong treatment, while type 2 diabetes can affect people of any age and can be prevented with adequate nutrition and moderate physical activity.


The Health Advisor conducts various campaigns to promote healthy lifestyle habits such as a healthy diet combined with age-appropriate physical activity to prevent preventable diabetes (type 2) as & # 39; Active & # 39; or the School of Health. According to some studies, healthy habits can prevent up to 90% of cases of type 2 diabetes and reduce the complications of this disease through behaviors such as cessation of smoking, improved nutrition and physical activity.

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