More sensual than ever: Gala Caldirola starred in SML | Social networks


Galadriel Caldirola is a friend of the cameras and is well known for her nearly two million followers on Instagram.

The Spaniards like to share with them different moments of their life and this Thursday she wanted to show a session of sensual photos that she starred in SML magazine.

In the photo he appears posing in his underwear and holding a glass with his right hand while the left holds on the table, where there is a bottle, another glass and dishes.

The pair of footballers Mauricio Isla thanked the team behind the work, which was to all the taste of their fans.

"Fotaza, you're beautiful"; "Regal, beautiful"; "Gala to be a mother does not take the sensual, you look beautiful! Do not change"; "Gala, how beautiful, you remind me of Alessandra Ambrosio, of course with her own style," Gorgeous! "Were just some of the comments that Gala received.

What did you think of the image?


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