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National players are behind to make a difficult match for one of the best teams in the world. Tvn


It was a spectacular triumph., but not easy for the Women's football team who faced the Australian team at Penrith's Panthers Stadium.

While the "red" started losing common 9-minute penalty goal, the selected ones they did not stop trying reach the rival arc.

The effort was rewarding, since 20 minutes, and after an Australian error on the way out, Francisca Lara He did not hesitate to rush the ball and hit from 30 meters put the tie.

The local deconcentration continued, to the point that at the beginning of the second semester (47 & # 39;), after a free kick served by Karen Araya, the Australian goal it went wrong, leaving the rebound to Carla Guerrero placing the ball almost at the angle and giving Chile 2-1.

The icing on the cake would come in the 89 minutes, after another Australian failure, the newly admitted Yessenia Huenteo, place the 3-1 with an accurate shot.

Although for the 93 & # 39; the residents were able to discount other bid penaltyl. Red took the win with a 3-2 final.

An incredible triumph before World Cup 2019, since the current Australian team occupy sixth in the FIFA world rankings.



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