Monster Hunter joins forces with The Witcher


Monster Hunter joins forces with The WitcherCapcom started the week with a swing drum with several ads for the game Monster Hunter: World. The producer of the game Ryozo Tsujimoto was the one who announced that among these plans is a strange alliance with The Witcher and the return of some monsters with new rewards.

CD Projekt Red worked with Capcom to concretize the union of these universes. In this regard, the producer commented that Geralt de Rivia will join this game and will do so with very specific RPG elements, although he has not elaborated. The video gives us an idea of ​​your arrival at Monster hunter, with his particular tone of voice and his great willingness to join the hunt for a fair price. By the way, the voice actor will be known to us because he has already collaborated with other games in the series. In addition, the dub will be available in French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese. Geralt's arrival is expected Monster Hunter: World occur in early 2019.

It is also scheduled to add monsters, some new ones and others that have already been to special events, such as Kulve Taroth, which will have a state of fury that will allow access to special rewards, but this will not be easy because the facet Arch O seasoned Kulve Taroth will defend like a belly cat up, with more lethal attacks. Tsujimoto says it will cost as much effort as the items will include gamma armor pieces and special attack items. This new version of Kulve Taroth will be available from December 19 to January 3. But they are not the only monsters that will have a new, furious facet. In the spring of 2019, it will be Nergigante's turn to become crazier and more aggressive.

Another special event will be the Appreciation Fest, in honor of the anniversary of Monter Hunter: World. The programmers team will celebrate with a festival that will feature elements of other seasonal events and new missions that will reward many very special equipment. In this regard, will give more details soon.

Monster Hunter: World is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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