Missing man found dead in office in downtown Santiago


One man, who was made a complaint for alleged doom on January 23, was found dead in an office located in a building in downtown Santiago.

On the 12th floor of the Mac-Clure building, located on Paseo Ahumada, the 65-year-old man was found, according to the team, who was seen entering the site on January 22.

The bad smell was what finally alerted the neighbors, who made complaints to the administration of the building, who decided to notify the Carabineros, who finally managed to enter the office to find out who this deceased person was.

The deputy commissioner of Santiago's 1st Commissariat, Marcos Zurita, told Bío Bío radio that "the carabiners, together with the administration, managed to enter this building and found a man dead inside the office." In addition, he added that "he has ordered the agreement of Labocar to verify that the damage that this person has, would be attributable to third parties or if he had some kind of health situation that caused him to die."


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