Wednesday , April 21 2021

Misinformation and truth through the press

We recognize the different media that, with some modesty, defend the interests of their commercial advertisers, because with this permanent monetary income the salaries of their journalists are paid and other operating costs are paid, although the desirable thing is that their information was so plausible as far as possible, in the understanding that objectivity and freedom of expression, at least in Chile, are not practiced by the traditional paper press that described itself as it should be.

The two journalistic consortia that fight against the reader market of the owners and chief executives of the approximately 30 economic groups are El Mercurio and Copesa (La Tercera), although the former still leads in influence and the latter shyly practices pluralism. There is an emerging consortium founded by Ricardo Claro, eminence gray of the dictatorship, which publishes Diário Financiero and Capital magazine, which tries to take something from the market to the big 2.

In a certain percentage, the number of which we do not know, of the digital media and in some radios, a professional treatment of the news is clearly observed, which is valued in its correct dimension by educated, educated and educated public opinion who knows how to detect false news such as those who like to display their knowledge of English, of the real ones, they write. Open television channels are more entertainment-oriented, teleseries, dance contests and criminal cases of street robbery, which is why they can not be forced to comply with good journalism practices in developed countries. .

Now, on Friday, November 23, 2018, the chronicle "President of the construction association criticizes the General Controller and accuses it of paralyzing investments" was published in El Mercurio, with titles "Patrício Donoso, helmsman of CCHC" and " It states that the entity exceeds its powers and contradicts the decisions of other state bodies, affecting real estate and infrastructure. We assume that readers who are not aware of the oversight role of the Office of the Controller General of the Republic must have believed what was published in that chronicle, which, let us say frankly, only sought to reduce the work done by this public body.

The journalist said that "in recent months, public ministers and businessmen often hear public and private activities complaining about the decisions of the Office of the Comptroller General about their projects," clearly demonstrating that the insidious darts are directed at the person of Jorge Bermúdez , chief of the Comptrollership, because, in compliance with the law, he made ineffective some administrative acts of the Minvu Directorates and Municipal Works.

As an example, textual citation, "… a recent opinion has affected the development of 25 real estate projects in the Central Station for a value close to $ 25 million" (sic), which is not effective. In this digital media, we tell the CCHC and the newspaper that, according to information recently given by councilman Felipe Muñoz, there are 38 residential towers with 30 to 40 floors each, with hundreds of tiny apartments. Some vertical ghettos end with their occupied houses and others still under construction, which must be paralyzed according to the opinion of the Comptroller General, and the total investment would reach US $ 1 billion.

In an attack of insanity shared by the association of construction companies and the newspaper that is its spokesman, a proposal was issued for the publication of a law to clarify the areas of competence of the Controllership and the scope of its pronouncements on matters of interest . to technical organizations, that is to say, olympically, this fantastic pair tries an exception treatment for the real estate business, which is even laughable.

The General Controller's Office was forced to rescind various resolutions of the Minvu, administrative and aid branch of the CCHC, as it was openly illegal and the same happened with respect to building permits slightly concluded by some Municipal Work Directorates. Even tiredness and for a long time we proposed that the most appropriate and quick way to obtain legal licenses is to adhere to the respective Law, its regulations and the urban regulations contained in the Intercommunity and Community Regulation Plans, which is quite simple. We repeat this in our exposition of 23 November, at an ad hoc seminar organized by the Association of Appraiser Architects.

In any case, the frivolous business proposal that seeks to withdraw the attributions to the prosecutor through a simple legal modification is absolutely impracticable because Law 10.336 of the autonomous oversight body is constitutional and neither deputies nor senators with real estate interests. They will feel comfortable accepting the trade association's requirement. Therefore, the Controller will continue to exercise, even if the candidates do not like, his indispensable legal task in breaking the growing corruption in the country.

Thus, we expect that the builders always respect the sectoral laws, being advised by competent professionals when they apply for the permits in the municipalities, because, if they are well granted, they will never be denounced neither in the Controllership nor in the Courts of Justice. Finally, we are sure that El Mercurio, a magazine that this columnist usually reads every morning, will continue on the path of subtle accommodation of news because such media are due to the powerful, who set the standard and have direct contact, through its refined lobystas, with La Moneda and with the National Congress.

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