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Minister of Labor questioned companies that buy technology and fire workers

Between this Tuesday and Thursday the workers of Union Interempresa Leader of the workers of Walmart Chile (SIL) They will vote if they go on strike after a failed collective bargaining.

The union brings together some 17,000 workers from a universe of 50,000 across the company and one of its main demands is improvements in the conditions of an automation process, such as the disappearance of ATMs and multifunctionality.

Although without express reference to the company, the Minister of Labor, Nicolás MonckebergHe acknowledged that while technology entry is imminent, he also criticized the mismanagement that could be made by corporations and would lead to mass layoffs.

"Thus, with automation, there is no substitution in certain tasks that the worker has prepared to perform various tasks. It is fundamental that we change, that we realize that the modern can do it itself respecting the rights and at the same time generating new opportunities, "said the Secretary of State.

"A company that comes late and decides to lay off workers because it bought technology is bad, before having trained and reconverted its workers so that they are the only ones who deal with the new technological changes," he added.

Workers claim "brutal transformation"

From the mobilized union they assured that from March to the date about two thousand workers were dismissed as a result of the automation and none of them received courses nor some incentive to the reconversion labor.

The president of the union, Juan MorenoHe made a strong criticism of what Walmart offered in negotiation.

"I would like the minister to accompany us to one of the stores that they want to convert, because I would like to know in which country the transformation, the automation, has been as brutal as they want to do with us, " he kept.

Walmart said that "in the different stages of the negotiation, both the management of the company and the directive of the Union of Workers, They expressed their views in a framework of transparent and respectful dialogue. "

"The negotiation was not completed, so the Walmart Chile administration reiterates its broader willingness to dialogue with union representatives to come to an agreement that reconciles the proposals of the workers and the company, "they said.

On Friday will be known the results of the vote that will decide whether or not strike and workers announced a strike alert for this weekend in about 100 stores of Hiper Leader, Leader Express, A Cuenta and Commercial Wholesaler, then They asked the to advance their purchases.

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