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In the middle of the crisis that is dragging the institution of the Carabineros of Chile, "ultra" meetings were held in the palace of La Moneda. to be able to reconstruct the events that occurred after the death of Camilo Catrillanca, in addition to identifying plans to face the wave of questions.

It was on Thursday that Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick came face to face with the Director General, Hermes Soto, at a meeting 4:00 pm

Soto Isla went silent, no internal communications to warn no one, to the interior. He did this through the door of Morandé 80, the same one he used on Monday when, along with the 6 general inspectors, they were called to order by the President of the Republic, Sebastian Piñera.

The appointment – with absolute discretion – was, since the usual press in La Moneda that was attentive to the movements he did not know so Chadwick and Soto could talk without the pressure of communication that has been the trend of the last few days.

More or less at the time of the meeting, there are two versions that Radio Bio Bio gathered: One speaks of 20 minutes approximately and in which the political authority and the head of the Carabineros were behind closed doors, while the other indicated that the meeting had been extended for more than an hour, and like the other, they were alone.

The content of the meeting was not revealed, since only the meeting was confirmed, but not the list of questions which General Hermes Soto should have answered.

Government intends to establish hours after the death of Catrillanca

In La Moneda is an open secret that the Interior seeks to know the internal movement that the Carabineros commanded when the death of the commune was known, particularly the steps taken. officers who traveled from Santiago to the area and who arrived in La Araucanía after ten o'clock on Wednesday, November 14.

The reasons for establishing the agenda, for example, of the Director of Order and Security, Inspector General Christian Franzani, or the head of Internal Affairs, Juan Pablo Caneo, and even the conversations that the lawyer Carabineros who traveled were part of the puzzle that at the moment are to the Government and especially to the Interior.

In addition, the Executive knows that President Piñera gave instructions way "hard" explained a high source, knowing all the data and information from "Can not accept" lies or concealment of facts.

And the fears of the current administration are given by the issues the prosecution seeks to resolve in the investigation for obstruction of justice, after ex-officio former GABE officials falsified their first statement.

For those who know the Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick, they explain that they have been monitoring each of the information that is known about the case, basically because of concern that the institution does not report everything it knows about the cause, but even more, put "hard hand and hard tone" with Hermes Soto, who already lied to him after the first few hours.

Another issue that afflicts them in government is the reasons that General Franzani sent to the area to gather information, to travel with the uniformed police lawyer, if the specific question were "Collect background" to inform Soto that at the same time he had to communicate the data to Chadwick.

That point, along with the rest of the officers who entered the plane of the Carabineros to travel to Temuco, are also being targeted now that it is known that contradictory information and statements prepared in advance.

Phone calls

As is natural in La Moneda, they run to rule out that some political authority I had an idea of ​​what was happening. or passed through doors inside the Pailahueque police station or in Ercilla, for they merely believed in the information transmitted by the Carabineros and, obviously, waiting for the steps taken by the Public Ministry.

However, in the light of statements made by President Sebastián Piñera on Radio Bio Bio on Tuesday, it has now become clear to all should question this information internally, just as the head of state did while he was in Singapore.


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