Thursday , June 17 2021

Minister Cabbage: The cuts are not directly affecting the research budgets for 2019 | Society

Andrés Cabbage, the first Secretary of State for the new Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovationhe talked to Andrea Obaid in Super Science of DNA about portfolio challenges.

For the academic, scientists have already understood that "It is a ministry that is set in motion for the development of Chile. It is not a ministry for scientists exclusivelyis a ministry in the service of the country. "

Concerning the criticism of the reduction of the budget allocated to the Secretary of State, Couve explained that in Conicyt to increase by 2.5 billion while the Millennium program would keep the same amount than in the previous year, then "the cuts that have to do with the budget adjustment are not directly affecting the research budgets for the year 2019"

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