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Minecraft player lost a 5-year game for a zombie baby and a spider

Last week's longest hardcore game with permanent death Minecraft It came to an end after five years. But this conclusion was far from being the epic story that the protagonist expected.

Phil Watson, 31, nicknamed Newcastle Philza who kept this game, managed to cover 6,316 km, fly 7,798 km and jump 732,389 times in the game before his death. However, none of this was enough to prevent the relentless Attack of a zombie baby and a spider.

Watson's character was attacked by a zombie baby in magical armor. A situation from which he managed to flee only to finally be liquidated by a spider.

"No! Really? Is that how I die?" Watson said in the Twitch broadcast of the game while the screen showed the categorical "Game Over". "Of all things, I knew it would be stupid" he added.

You can see the moment in the following video:

After his defeat, Watson reflected that he could have survived all this if he had eaten a golden apple in time.

"I was out of luck", Watson told the BBC. "There's so much I could have done, I felt stupid making such an easy mistake."

In fact, the player acknowledged that he thought about leaving Minecraft, but now he's looking forward to getting back into the game.

"When it first happened, I was so depressed I thought I did not even want to look at Minecraft now that I never wanted to see a zombie again"said Philza. "But I'm beginning to feel the urge to create something and take another trip."

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