Miley Cyrus would have confirmed her role in the fifth season of Black Mirror


The fifth season of Black mirror is one of the most anticipated releases, so Netflix has chosen to keep everything connected to successful production in absolute secrecy. However, for some time now began to circulate rumors that the singer Miley Cyrus would play a role in this new installment.

Speculation about Cyrus' participation in the fifth season of Black mirror They started when I played "Wrecking Ball" It was seen in Cape Town, South Africa, where the administration of the hotel in which she stayed indicated to a local media that she was there to film the series.

This was not confirmed by Cyrus or Netflix, but a few days later, Cyrus' sister Brandi directed the rumor through her "Your Favorite Thing" podcast, where she directly pointed out that Miley would appear in Black mirror

In this scenario, Cyrus participated in an interview with Billboard, where he talked about the recent fire in his house, noting that At the most dangerous time of the forest fires in California, he was not at his home in Malibu, he was in South Africa.

This revelation prompted the interviewer to ask about the rumors that she was tied Black mirror and although Cyrus did not reveal anything directly, he told the interviewer "If you guess, then I'll nod my head". Confirmation that the interviewer subsequently ensured that the singer performed.

After this dynamic, Cyrus explained that he could not say the name of the series or talk about his participation to the demands of Netflix, platform that until now has not said anything about it.

Finally, a role in the Black mirror would not be the first experience as an actress of Cyrus, although it was his project of greater prominence until today. Cyrus achieved fame thanks to his role in the Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana. Experience to which is added a participation in the miniseries Woody Allen Crisis in six scenes and a voice role in the film Screw

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