Thursday , February 25 2021

Miguelito suffered an uncomfortable moment in the game Pasapalabra and few realized

Last Thursday a new day of Pasapalabra happened, marked by the charisma of Miguelito, MCC actor Karla Melo and, in the orange team, the journalist Manuel de Tezanos and Carolina Oliva.

But who stole all the attention in the program, thanks to his friendly personality and great performance during the early stages of the game.

But there was one detail the site revealed and few viewers noticed during the broadcast of the show. The typical bulb of the game of the lanes was very large and almost completely covered by Miguelito.

At the beginning of the program, although they tried a smaller one, they also left their original size, although their mouth and nose were covered by the ampoule.

Capture the CHV

Capture the CHV

Capture the CHV

Several social networking users realized how uncomfortable the MCC comedian was and expressed themselves about it.

Here you can see some of the reactions:

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