Saturday , June 19 2021


The government spokesman, Cecilia Pérez, gave details of what was the first day of the last cabinet council of 2018 headed by the president Sebastian Pinera, an activity that is performed in the Grenadier of Quillota.

"We have made a balance and will continue to do so, we want to hear the voice of the citizens, and this is why we take responsibility women's agenda, sex crimes and the urgency of migration. As a government, we are available to listen, "Pérez said in remarks Emol.

Likewise, the government spokesman also took stock of what was the first year of the mandate.

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"It was in 2018 that we established social urgencies, built five national agreements and set up fundamental reforms to achieve full development before the next decade."

At the meeting, the president asked his ministers "work with a sense of urgency to solve the problems of the families of our country"said Perez.

"President Sebastián Piñera said that, governing is not easy, it is always easy to say of non-leadership. The President has a lot of national and regional commitment, we have a constructive opposition that accompanied us. All Chileans need unity to take the country forward, "the minister said after the cabinet meeting to be resumed on Saturday.

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