Microsoft designs its new office in Minecraft


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Microsoft has been working on redesigning its Redmond, which is defined as the company's headquarters, work should end in 2022, and they had no better idea of ​​the company to present and design their project through their videogame, Minecraft.

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According to the information provided, Microsoft he got in touch Blockworks, a company that has a lot of experience since they performed similar works, so they can recreate the scale of the office. The aforementioned company has already worked on similar projects for companies such as Warner Bros, Disney and at the museum in London.

The new Microsoft There will be 100 buildings in addition to football, cricket, tennis and even coffee shops or shops, all done in a land of no more than 200 hectares, which seems incredible, so it can be assumed that the work done by Blockworks It was very long and difficult.

What do you think of the new way of designing buildings?


Editorial: Games / Facebook / Twitter Roof


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