Mexican researcher builds a device to detect breast cancer with breathing


A Mexican researcher has developed a technology platform that supports the detection of tumor biomarkers of breast cancer in human breathing, through remote techniques of technology and artificial intelligence.

Alejandra Carlos Mancilla, research professor at the Center for Research, Innovation and Technological Development (CIIDETEC) of the University of the Valley of Mexico (UVM), explained on Monday that the project consists of two parts and the first is the removal of the patient's breathing sample through an air bag or airbag.

This device is intended to be people's breathing, which varies in chemical composition according to the diseases since there is an imbalance in the metabolic system.

Like this, the bag captures respiration and by gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry, qualitative and quantitative analysis of breath composition is allowed.

In the case of a person affected by breast cancer, lung cancer, gastric diseases, cirrhosis, diabetes and other conditions, the presence of specific volatile substances is revealed. of each disease that serve as markers and allow the diagnosis.

This data is proven in healthy people and people with various types of conditions.

By him, the detection of cancer markers becomes possible, in this project especially the breast, indicated.

According to the doctor, the operation of this device is similar to that of the breathalyzer, but when the information is blown, it is stored on the Internet.

The researcher has been in charge of creating the platform to access this information from any device, be it laptop, tablet, mobile, with Android, iOS and Windows operating system.

This information is available 24 hours a day, seven days a weekand the platform provides recommendations to patients about the disease, hospitals, and physicians near its geographic location.

30% of women with timely diagnosis of breast cancer will have a relapse

It also has forums for experts and other patients.

The researcher said that the platform has technologies such as social networking integration support the techniques of opinion mining, collective intelligence and the use of semantic technologies such as OWL (Web Ontology Language) and Linked Data.

The UVM made the design of this platform, the methodology and the architecture.

The bill, he said, may mainly help women affected by breast cancer.

"The biggest benefit will be that it can be detected at an early stage so that the appropriate treatment is and increase the chances of overcoming it, "said the expert.


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