Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid are registered trademarks in Europe by Konami


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The last and most recent installment of the saga that stopped counting Hideo Kojima clearly he did not have a good reception, especially by fans of the saga. Despite this, Konami can not miss the license it cost so much to be kept in Kojima.

A registration was made by Konami in Europe, where the marks Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid They have video game records, among other things. We owe this discovery Allgamesdelta Who discovered the information, we will now see the return of iconic works of industry? Other company titles have already returned, including Castlevania, which debuted on the same day as its incredible Netflix series.

At the moment there are no statements from Konami, but what they bring in the hand … It will be good and Kojima You may not like it very much.


Editorial: Games / Facebook / Twitter Roof


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