Meridiam seeks Astaldi's participation in Hospital Felix Bulnes


This week, Olivier Garnier, director of global risk at Meridiam, a European investment fund, partner of Astaldi – which in Italy participated in a financial reorganization – arrived and this week has 49% of the FĂ©lix Bulnes Hospital award.

As it turned out, the French fund manager would be looking to keep Astaldi's stake in the 51% hospital concession. In fact, sources say, is a subject that has been analyzed for a while.

Experts comment that Garnier's visit to the country is also to monitor the progress of the hospital works, after the problems that were generated in its construction after the critical financial situation that crosses Astaldi.

But it is not the only alternative on the table. Other options that the European fund would be analyzing, in addition to whether or not to continue with Astaldi in the hospital concession and stay with its part, is to partner with another construction company that is dedicated to completing the works.

Finally, the experts say, the Italian Astaldi would present in the next, a proposal for Meridiam on the future of its participation in the concession.

The same sources indicate that although there has been progress in payment to suppliers, there would still be bills to be paid, so the question is still uncertain. In addition, they maintain knowledge, part of solutions to the problems through which the concession crosses would run on behalf of the Meridiam fund.

In this context, an active agenda is that the Garnier will have in the country in the coming days. In fact, it is possible to meet with authorities of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), precisely to deal with the future of the concession of the site.

Meridiam specializes in the development, financing, construction and operation of projects, including public buildings and services. In 2017, the Astaldi group sealed an alliance with them. which allowed them to enter the property of one of the assets that Astaldi administers in the country, the concession of the Felix Bulnes Hospital. In this way, Meridiam was 49%, while Astaldi remained in control of the concessionaire.

The works on the new site are up by more than 96% and are expected to be completed in the first part of next year.


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