Monday , October 25 2021

Menotti praises Diaz: "Those who know football value"


César Luis Menotti, champion of the world with Argentina in 1978, got rid of compliments for the current pamphlet of Race, Marcelo Díaz.

The player transandino defined the contribution of the Chilean midfielder in Racing which today sounds like the possible reinforcement of Boca Juniors. "Diaz has presence, good game, balance. I've seen him very good games. (Racing) is a team under construction that comes first. That makes it very meritorious, "he told the La Tercera newspaper.

The coach went further with his praise for the Chilean game. "People forget about those who generate football, they talk about Messi, but not about Iniesta or Guardiola himself, and this is seen by those who understand the game, Diaz is one of those players."He said.

Besides that, had words for the performance of goalkeeper Gabriel Arias, one of the main candidates to stay with the prow of the Chilean national team.

"Arias, I like that, he is among the best archers in the tournament." For me, football players surprise me with the security they understand the game. "What he did now is take that into account.I saw him play very well," he said.

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