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People between the ages of 20 and 24, that is, born between 1995 and 1999, are those who have been called by the Ministry of Health to strengthen or be vaccinated against the disease. measles.

The election of this age group responds to the fact that people of this age were not exposed to the circulation of the virus, which until now already detected 23 imported cases.

[LEE TAMBIÉN]: [VIDEO] The other groups for which Minsal recommends vaccination

This vaccine can be requested by the population that is part of the call in crèches, crèches, educational establishments and public and private health centers in agreements throughout the country.

The dose can also be found in the international vaccines authorized by Health Seremi and listed on the Ministry of Health website, which you can see below.

Region of Arica and Parinacota

Region of Tarapacá

Region of Antofagasta


Megasalud Medical and Dental Center Antofagasta

Sweden Street, 251


Sanymed Health Center

Rua Coquimbo, 712



Street Matta 1868 of. 501 pukara building


Vaccination Nursing Assistance Society E.I.R.L

Cobija Street 2188 of 501


Aidoret Caro Health Center (S.A. Calama)

Cobija Street 2188 of 501

Region of Atacama

Region of Coquimbo

Without international vaccination

Region of Valparaiso


Imnunysan International Vaccination

Avenida Colón 2020

Metropolitan region

Liberian Region Bernardo O & # 39; Higgins


FUSAT Clinical Hospital

El Cobre Road 1002

San Fernando

Araucária Neumann and Bertin Medical Center Ltda.

Office Carampangue Street 708 33

Maule Region


Vaccination Noemí Pérez

Yungay Street 475


Cordillera Medical Center

10 East Street 1361

Ñuble and Bíobío Region

Region of Araucanía

Region of Los Rios

Los Lagos Region

Region of Aysén of the general Carlos Ibañez of the Field


Private vaccination Carol Fabiola Valenzuela Bahamondes

Calle Bilbao 449

Region of Magellan and Chilean Antarctica


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