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Mr. Director:

The epidemiological scenario to which Latin America is exposed today is of concern, as the Pan American Health Organization has recently stated.

In the case of our country, the high immigration rates in recent years, coupled with the growing trend of vaccines and their spread through social networks, have led to the resurgence of new outbreaks of diseases that have been eliminated from the national health map, as is the case of measles, which in less than a month already has seven cases imported into our country and almost 17,000 so far this year in Latin America.
This is not because of inadequate hygienic conditions, poverty or lack of access to health, as in the past. Although it seems counterproductive today, with a high level of development, an exponential increase of trips abroad and important advances in science and technology, we are facing the spread of pathologies that have been left behind.

To address this situation, it is essential to strengthen protection mechanisms, address misinformation and educate the community about the benefits of vaccination, which saves 5 lives every minute in the world, according to the World Health Organization.

I am convinced that, as we can not block the arrival or reappearance of infectious diseases in the population, through effective prevention mechanisms, such as immunization, we will move away from the development to which we aspire as a country. The call is not to forget the high infant mortality rates of the past and learn the lesson to build a responsible future with health, well-being and quality of life.

Dr. Paula Guzmán Merino
Member of the editorial committee of the Chilean Society of Pediatrics
Head of the Medical Service of Pediatrics Clinic of the University of the Andes


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