Mayol, the arrogant, is going on a pirouette against the director of the INDH: "I have not heard a word about the minors who were in cars and can not study"


"They took me as scapegoats, both journalists and politicians," he said and supported the work of the Carabineros, ensuring that "the rest of the institution carries out its duties properly."

Far from quietly returning to his business in the agricultural world, former mayor of Araucanía Luis Mayol continues making statements interpreting the events that led to his exit from power. When President Piñera traveled to the area last Friday, he was waiting for him at the airport and gave a detailed interview to El Mercurio over the weekend. Today he spoke again with the press.

Mayol said he feels like the scapegoat of the crisis in the region, triggered by the murder of Camilo Catrillanca

"They took me there as scapegoats, both journalists and politicians," he told Radio Agricultura. And when asked if he felt betrayed by the government, he replied: "For the Carabineros, as an institution, I felt betrayed by the person who committed the crime and by his accomplices, but the rest of the institution fulfills its functions correctly. paid a colonel, "he said.

The former mayor had more critical words for Consuelo Contreras, director of the Institute of Human Rights.

"This fact began with a robbery and robbery of teachers and minors who were traumatized, they stole their cars, someone cared to know how they are or what happened to these cars. director of human rights is justly concerned because she is responsible for the traumatic consequences the child may have had for what happened, but I did not hear a word about the minors in those cars or the students at this school that the teacher says do not could study because he heard bullets every day, "he criticized.

Finally, he confirmed that he is analyzing whether to present himself as a candidate for regional governor when the law allows this new election of regional authorities. "This law is very bad and creates a position that generates many expectations, but that has no power, so this needs to be modified," he said.


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