Mayne-Nicholls announced that the Colo Colo intends to implement preliminary duels against the first team


This Monday, the vice president of black and white, Harold Mayne-NichollsHe assured that The Colo Colo aims to implement preliminary games of women's and youth football for the first team at the Monumental Stadium., a move that will begin in late May.

According to the personero in his Twitter account, the "albos" sought to start this Saturday with the plan, although due to late petition before the ANFP, they should start for the duel of the 30 of this month before the Italian Audax, that is, if the federation authorizes.

Besides that, Mayne-Nicholls assured that the Monumental will also open on Sunday for a National Women's Championship, when the premises are measured against Santiago Morning, in a commitment that will define the leadership of the tournament, since both casts are at the top with 24 units.


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