Sunday , March 7 2021

Mauriziano was dismissed from the CDF with the same formula as Pato Yáñez

The night came and it seemed that the endings ended in CDF, however, there was a pending meeting.

The appointment was with another emblematic face of the sports sign, was Mario Mauriziano.

The 41-year-old journalist has been told he will not continue to provide services to the station. And with it the same formula used in Patricio Yáñez was used: They are not dismissed, only he was informed that they will not call him again.

The difference is that Mauriziano was not hired in a few hours by Fox Sports.

Recall that Mauriziano commented on games, participated in programs and conducted the news since 2010.

More layoffs

But the dismissals of Mario Mauriziano and Pato Yáñez would not be the only ones in the CDF, as the former coach and commentator, Fernando Astengo, would have notified his departure, according to channel sources.

However, the shutdown of the faces of the CDF would not have ended, since the next could be Eros Perez, who on those days will hold a meeting with the new executives.

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