Mauricio Palma takes the Silver and Gold Seagulls with a routine that generates divided opinions


The humorist Mauricio Palma was presented at the Viña 2019 Festival with a routine that generated widely divided opinions on social networks.

At first, the comedian could be seen quite nervous and in a shaky voice, and of course, since it should not be easy to appear before 12,000 people who were left with the euphoria alive after death. boyband American Backstreet Boys.

However, Palma managed to escape the screams of the monster who asked the quintet to return to the stage, and made a full Quinta Vergara laugh, so at first the "Silver Gull" was taken, and then a few more minutes of routine, it was possible conquer the participants completely, so we took the most striking prize of the night, the "Golden Gull."

In social networks opinions were quite divided, for some it was a routine that generated laughter, but for others it was not to the liking and in fact labeled it as irreverent and hungry.

One of the most iconic moments of his performance was when the comedian dressed up as the famous and renowned singer Freddie Mercury, in which he performed the mythical "and" that Queen's vocalist did in "Live AID".

The performance of Mauricio Palma lasted about an hour at Quinta Vergara and ended with the comedian taking the two most important prizes of the night.


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