Matías Firpo, Boca's main attacker: "I could not control myself" | sports


After spending 48 hours in jail and being released on Thursday, Matías Firpo, The target River Plate supporter is primarily responsible of Stoning for the Boca Juniors Bus, spoke to the media.

Before the TN cameras, he said he was sorry for what happened. "I had gone with friends, with the family, it was a moment that I could not control a push that I regret, I know I was wrong, I'm not doing it and it hurts to have gone through this"he said.

Along these lines, he added: "It was a bit of a failure of all, of the operative, of every human being who is mistaken like me"

Finally, Firpo prepared the incidents that occurred on November 24. "I always go into Quinteros, the police cut down the street and many people were gathering there because they did not let it pass. We never thought they would make the microphone work because there were too many people and when the bus arrived it was a mess, the cops pushing people back and they gave what they saw, "he closed.


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