Matías Campos reunited after nine years


The University of Chile officialized the arrival of Matías Campos Toro, who meets with his namesake after having shared in Audax Italiano.

The University of Chile formalized the signing of Matías Campos Toro, who arrives at the Blues for a year of contract. The former Granada of Spain is the ninth reinforcement of the U, who also hired Matías Campos López, an attacker who arrived from Palestine.

This means that Matías Campos will be reunited in a team after nine years. At that time, they coincided in the team of Audax Italiano, where they were directed by Marcelo Barticciotto. The 2009 Italic template also included Johnny Herrera, captain and goalkeeper of the students.

Matías Campos Toro, the left-back, played 29 matches with Audax Italiano last season. He scored two goals, one shortly before his new team, the ninth of his professional career.


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