Sunday , April 18 2021

Martinez goes to a triumph that brings him closer to the leader

With options to become a decisive date for major competing categories, the Pichilemu Grand Prix will be launched today, corresponding to the seventh date of the RallyMobil 2018 Championship.

The event will feature 13 special tests that will be fundamental for R5 leader Pedro Heller (Ford Fiesta), which accumulates 110 points closely followed by Jorge Martinez (Peugeot 208) with 96 and his brother Alberto Heller (Ford Fiesta), which adds 92 units and comes with the endorsement to be crowned in the category WRC2 of the World Rally Championship of Australia .

In the case of the penquist, to the "Surf Capital" in the Higgins Region, with the intention of discounting the 14 points that distance it from the leader of its category and, as far as possible, repeat the great first day of the competition. last meeting in Rio Bueno, where it was impressive from beginning to end.

Focusing on the goal

"As long as there are options to fight the championship, we will do it. We are aware that if we want to get the title, we have to win everything that is left and that is what we will try in Pichilemu", commented in the preview of the penultimate day Jorge Martínez, aware that there are still 39 to play.

The Peugeot Sport Team Chile-Copec pilot of the Journey knows that the task in the Higgins region will not be easy, which is why in his strategy he opts for an aggressive race on the Pichilemu routes. "The category level is very high, everyone is making good times. We will have to leave as soon as possible without making mistakes in order to try to get all the points of the date," he said.

"This is a very fast time, in which every detail you note counts. The script will be very important and we will add a very good Peugeot configuration as usual"finally condemned Martinez.

R3 is defined as a family In the category R3, the competition is still close and the GP Pichilemu date will be decisive for the title candidates due to the great performance that the brothers Samuel and Vicente Israel (Citroën DS3) demonstrated in the Rio Bueno GP – The Union, keeping the date 1-2.

As a result, the championship table was tighter than ever, with Samuel Israel leading with 106 points, being succeeded by Rosselot-Mitsubishi team driver Emilio Rosselot (Citroën DS3) for only three drives away, and very close to Vicente Israel, who still embraces clear opportunities with 100 points.

A list, the other almost very different is the case of category R2, in which after having been undisputed leaders in all dates of the 2018 championship, Martin Scuncio and Javiera Román (Peugeot 208) became the champions after finishing the GP do Rio Bueno-La Unión.

An example that will go down in history, moreover, after Roman became the first woman to win a national rally championship.

Who still has the latest effort is Jorge Arévalo (Honda), who remains a solid leader of the N3 with 114 points, one step away from being the last monarch of the series that will disappear in 2019. Further back in the second place, Carlos Soto (Suzuki) with 75 units.

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