Mario Salas: Juan Carlos Gaete is allowed, there are no problems with his colleagues


The technical director of Colo Colo, Mario Salas, was to clarify the situation of striker Juan Carlos Gaete and, despite not giving many details, said that the player is solving their problems with permission, dismissing that he had problems with his companions.

"We are in permanent contact with Juan Carlos. At first he arrived with a great disposition and the best motivation to participate in the training, but with the passing of the days there were some situations where we started to talk to him and We provide all the people who work with us to solve some problems or be aware of some specific situations of it, "he pointed to the club's official website.

"After that, he did not show that same motivation, he did not participate in some training sessions. Our concern was always to get ourselves out of the person, of the development of Juan Carlos and we understand that he is in a very special position that leads him to try to solve his problems and with us at your disposal to resolve them and provide the corresponding help, "he added.

Given this, Salas pointed out that "At the moment he has a few days' leave to solve the problem and see what is best for him and for the institution"

In addition, the former coach of Sporting Cristal ensured that "then we talk there are no indiscipline problems or problems with your peers"

This is because of the they claim that the player was upset with some members of the squad to the nickname Nelson Mauri or Sandstone.


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