Sunday , October 24 2021

Mario Rozas did not discard more generals during the restructuring in Carabineros | National


The newly assumed Director General of Carabineros, Mario Rozas, confirmed that he works on the restructuring of the High Command of the institution, without ruling out the departure of more general uniformed police officers.

Meanwhile, of the old New Majority, the Minister of the Interior was summoned, Andrés Chadwick, assume its political responsibility in the process that ended with the death of the Mapuche comunero Camilo Catrillanca and they did not rule out advancing in a constitutional complaint against him.

The new maximum authority of the institution has recognized that the difficult situation for which the uniformed police is passing is overcome "Working, working and working".

Director General Rozas, who took the position at the expense of the withdrawal Hermes Soto, confirmed that it is already preparing the restructuring of the High Command of the institution, without ruling out more generals being removed.

Regarding the constitutional indictment of the opposition and the possible political responsibilities in the Executive, Senator Araucanía, DC Francisco Huenchumilla stated that "in all governments there were assemblies and deaths" of Mapuche, for which called "seriousness" the parliamentarians of the old New Majority.

The head of the National Renewal deputies bank, the official Leopoldo Pérez, acknowledged that the possible constitutional charge against Chadwick is unfounded, so he hopes the appeal will not succeed.

In the Independent Democratic Union, however, Deputy Juan Antonio Coloma said that Minister Chadwick "is empowered in his position, making peace."

Diario Oficial published the departure of Soto

Meanwhile, this document was published in the Official Gazette detailing the request for removal of Hermes Soto, through the Ministry of Interior and by order of President Piñera.

There it is explained that "the (former) director general of the Carabineros, Hermes Eugenio Soto Isla, was called for retirement."

According to the letter – in the fourth paragraph – the request for removal is justified, since "the situation that the institution is going through requires reestablishing the command within the Carabineros of Chile. In fact, the Carabineros of Chile are going through a related crisis to possible illegal acts. "

Thus, according to the publication, the president's decision to withdraw Soto from "the need to have a new leadership (in the institution) able to face the current problems" would be justified.

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