Wednesday , October 20 2021

María Luisa Godoy's preparation for the Viña del Mar Festival includes facial touches


Less and less is required to start a new version of the festival of Viña del Mar. The animators of the international competition are clear and prepare to meet the challenge.

Before that, one of Quinta Vergara's debutantes is María Luisa Godoy, who even seeks to leave no detail to chance. In fact, the TVN cheerleader began to apply three treatments on the face: mesotherapy, photon laser and mechanical stimulation.

In a conversation with the newspaper Las Últimas Noticias, María Luisa assured that she has not noticed the changes, but that her mates tell her that she is "renewed." "I feel like I'm wearing a lot of dark circles and sometimes I even get thin," says Godoy.

Joaquín Navarro, a cosmetic surgeon dentist, is responsible for the treatment and explains to LUN that "the mesotherapy consists of injecting different active ingredients into the skin and allows to erase the smallest wrinkles and remove the appearance of facial fatigue." .

To this process is added mechanical biostimulation performed through a cannula to not leave the skin with bruises, while the photon laser gives a muscular tone to the face.

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