María José Quintanilla celebrates important achievements and does this with attractive bikini photography


María José Quintanilla, singer and morning speaker Mucho Gusto de Mega, is absent from the studio because of her vacation in Cuba. place where you shared images and images with the charms of the place.

But the 28-year-old surprised his followers after posting a well-received bikini photo. He also took advantage of the publication to important achievement which reached: has reached 1 million followers on Instagram.

"There's nothing better than a break to reaffirm what you love, who you miss, think clearly, drink mojito, dance with a live band, drive a car, kayak, eat as if life is going, learn to take cocauts jajajja, etc! Learn especially to be with me! And hold me! Thank you for leaving me this truce.! To all! At work, the family is You my family of 1 million ! (Sounds good, 1 million kisses, "he wrote in the posting.

Instagram María José Quintanilla


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