Marcelo Hernández sued Gato Juanito for intellectual property infringement | Society


The joy in Cachureos is not easy.. The animator of the defunct program, Marcelo Hernández, sued the actor Patricio Olivares, who personified Gato Juanito.

Marcelo told Intrusos de La Red that he filed a legal action against Olivares for intellectual property infringement.

The actor told La Cuarta that "four days ago the PDI called me to testify for using the character that is inscribed by Marcelo Hernández, who is called Gato Juanito, but it happens that Juanito, the real cat, who gave life to this character in the Chile and the world, which was pulled benji, The one who sang the songs, it's me."

Marcelo Hernández has already sued in 2017 a group of actors called "K-Chureos", after appearing in activities without your consent.


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