Tuesday , October 26 2021

"Marcelo Díaz is a soccer leader for Racing"


Cesar Luis Menotti (80) apologizes to perform an analysis of the performance of the Chilean players who play in the Superliga Argentina teams. The trans-Andean coach has proclaimed throughout his career the importance of the collective and does not intend to leave the margin, although it gradually becomes enthusiastic and ends up transferring it.

Two mentions are critical for Skinny to end up giving up. The first one is red. "The Chileans have always been collective, now they have added personality, they are highly competitive, but at the selection level, they were not much, now they go abroad, to Europe, to the community passport. for them, before they were far from Brazil and Argentina, and today they compete as candidates in the South American Cups, at the World Cup, the surprise was that they were not there. has qualified ", reflects.

Now, even Chilean football players go to the Argentine national team and stand out. Which analysis makes the contribution to the tournament?
In general, I do not like to do individual analyzes. Always those who arrived contributed. Some made quality jumps like Marcelo Diaz. The most important thing I feel is that they are team players. There is no one who wants to leave the collective. And that is very valuable.

As he mentions Diaz, what catches the attention of the Racing midfielder?
De Diaz I like the ease with which it enters into the conformation of the game. His leadership in the game, in possession of the ball in an Argentine football that is competitive, without major differences between the teams, there is no one who dominates the tournament as before.

Were you surprised by how quickly you adapted to Racing?
Racing is a very brave team, like River, Independiente or Boca. It is great, demanding, not forgiving and less for those who come from outside. Even young people do not expect much. Diaz conquered the people. They love him a lot and he is well respected by the fans, as well as the fan of Racing himself. Here in Argentina everyone speaks well of him, besides the shirt.

Does he see enough personality to call him a leader?
Whether he speaks or does not speak does not appeal to me. What it takes is the knowledge of the game, not the one that runs a lot or the one that makes goals … Diaz has presence, good game, balance. I've seen him very good games. It is a team under construction, which is the first. This makes it very meritorious.

Is it amazing that Diaz has had a lot of impact considering his position on the court?
People forget those who generate football. They talk about Messi, but not about Iniesta or Guardiola himself. This is seen by those who understand the game. Diaz is one of those players. Anyone who knows football, values ​​what they do.

With regard to the examples he quotes, can Diaz be considered a modern defensive midfielder?
I do not like it, modern or old. I wish I was as old as Mozart, Beethoven. Or as Violet Parra. Things are good or bad. It was said (Adolf) Pedernera, who was almost certain that the first could play now and it was not so much on whether the current could play earlier in the River Machine. It is difficult to imagine Pratto de Pedernera, Moreno or Labruna. Everyone says that football has changed, that the modern … and I ask. Everyone has their answer. Now we go to the other side and I do not know. As you can not prove, they are opinions.

In Racing, Chile has two other representatives, Arias and Mena …
They played well all. I say about Diaz because in this position it is not easy to manage a team. All Chileans are playing well. This boy was not very attentive in the Seleção. Here we show a great category. Play easily, with a lot of presence. It's rare. An Argentinean who goes to Colo Colo is not easy. And here it is the same. Diaz arrived and is one of the leading football players of Racing, who played at a very high level. Even when Racing does not play well, he deals with the intention of the coach. He found an ideal football player for Coudet and Racing.

It's strange that you do not consider this in red
I say that if he keeps playing like that, I think he'll find a place in the National Team easier. I've seen a lot and it's at a great level, but that's a technical question. It is not for me to comment.

Do you think Diaz is a good interpreter for the idea that Coudet, who was also a midfielder, has for Racing?
Coudet chose well and is a coach with a future, which he had already shown in Rosario Central … He set up a team that does not find the strength he still hopes, but he will have time. It's a young team that has the edge. And go first. He's doing things right. Giving each step when appropriate.

Now, what do you think of Gabriel Arias? Do you see this as a substitute for Bravo in Chile?
Arias, I like that. He is among the best archers in the tournament. For me football players surprise me with the security with which they understand the game. In the case of archers, when it leaves, when it does not, when it uses the feet and when it does not. What he has done so far is to take that into account. I saw him play very well. I do not make comparisons, because Bravo is also a great goalkeeper, but today Arias is at an excellent level.

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