Maradona: "People who have Alzheimer's die, I'm not dying"


The Argentine star Diego Armando Maradona has raised a powerful message for his social networks, on what discarded having Alzheimer's, after the innumerable rumors that the Argentine press, after his surprising resignation to the technical management of Dorados de Sinaloa.

The "cosmic kite," with a video on his Instagram account, said "They lie, they talk about Alzheimer's disease, they do not know what the word Alzheimer means, it's really fucked up. People who have Alzheimer's die, I'm not dying. ".

"These children know what … they play this to create confusion, and to me the confusion will not, because this is not knowing how to do journalism, is to take the shortest route and want to beat the other. I did not win the first place playing soccer"he added with obvious annoyance the world champion in Mexico 1986.

Maradona left the Dorados last Thursday and a day later expressed precisely on the Instagram that his departure is due to health problems, saying he must carry out two important operations that he had been postponing, although making it clear that none is risky.

After that, many rumors surfaced in the transandine media, which indicated that the "10" suffered from neurological problems and Alzheimer's disease, which, in addition to the former player, also denied his lawyer. <A href = "

& # 39;% 20MATIAS% 20MORLA% 20 (@MatiasMorlaAb)% 2019% 20% 20June% 20% 202019

% 20">Matías Morla, who issued a statement, in which Maradona reported will undergo shoulder and knee surgery.


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