Mapuche flag revolutionized Royal Rumble broadcast


"There is always a Chilean," says the national motto. And as the popular saying goes, history has repeated itself, but now it was a Mapuche flag that took the face of Chile in no less than the Royal Rumble 2019 of WWE.

The Sunday event was seen around the world and became the most talked about issue of the day because of the battles that took place at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. He even scored the highest peaks of the season.

However, what caught the attention was Wenufoye's motto, which appeared on official broadcast screens. If you look at a publication of the official WWE account on Instagram and behind the scenes, when the consecration Seth Rollins is caught in the background fight.

"We are the best country in Chile!", fans added on social networks that did not hide the pride of the national presence in the wrestling event.


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