Magallanes has the worst coverage of influenza vaccination in the entire country


15 days began the vaccination campaign against influenza in
Magellan, and the numbers are not as expected by the Seremi de Salud de
region, since, according to the statistics of the Ministry of
Health, the region with the lowest coverage is Magallanes with 23.7%, followed by
Antofagasta, with 24.2%.

To weight
all the efforts that the regional health authority has made, the
numbers do not rise and one of the target groups with lower
among the priority are poultry and
pig farmers, with 20.3%; together with the chronic patient from 6 to
64 years
s, with 21.4%.


increase coverage, in the Don Bosco Institute (pre-basic), the Seremi
Health Department of Magallanes yesterday ordered a vaccination point for
of the educational establishment that are within the
risk group, which has so far covered 24.2%.

"We have
24% in priority groups. We are low compared to
other regions of the country that are close to 30%. That's why we came to
strengthen at risk groups to go to Cesfam, hospitals
communities and establishments authorized by Seremi del Salud
(MegaSalud and RedSalud Magallanes Clinic), to be vaccinated because
its inoculation is free. The important thing is that regionally we
we will help prepare for the winter and improve the
It is not only to achieve goals, it is to take care of the winter and that we
we will be vaccinating against the flu so that we do not have deaths or
serious people, "said Seremi Health, Mariela Rojas.

Sufficient stock

I did notstante
the head of the Health Area of ​​Cormupa, Rosa Bidart, assured that in
Cesam of the capital Magellan, the stock is insured by
the target groups: children between 6 months and 5 years; pregnant women
from the 13th week of gestation; 64 year olds
years; chronic patient between 6 and 64 years; besides the workers
of poultry and pork producers, workers
is and health volunteers.


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