Friday , October 22 2021

Madonna surprised to post photos of nudity on Instagram: she was only 19 years old


The pop queen is an active social media user, where she not only shares her work on stage, but also publishes intimate records.

But one of her latest publications surprised all of her followers because they did not expect to see a picture of the naked singer.

The record would belong to his youth, when the artist was only 19 years old and I was not famous yet.

The composer scoffed at the censorship of the Instagram and remembered his old work almost 40 years ago.

Instagram Madonna

"I'm 19. Martha Graham School of Dance student. Modeling for art schools across town to pay rent. Lessons in painting, drawing and photography, "he wrote in the caption.

"Many of these photos were sold to Playboy and Penthouse when I became famous. The photographers exploited me, and then the Patriarch tried to embarrass me for being naked. I told the press & # 39;No, I'm not ashamed."And that became headline," he added.

"This became a collaboration between Warhol and Haring. I am the proud owner of 4 of these paintings. They were given to me later as a wedding gift. They can not stop art trying to embarrass you. Creation always wins"He finished.

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