Look at the new photo of Maluma that has the fans furious!


Fans of Maluma They are angry with the artist thanks to their latest publication on Instagram, where the singer poses for the camera holding a tiger cub. And although the intention of reggaeton It was to give a message in favor of conservation of these species, not all saw the same way … and they let him know.

The controversial image was intended to highlight the work being done by the non-profit foundation "Black Jaguar-White Tiger", a feline sanctuary located in Mexico. In fact, several social network users criticized him for the photo, considering that these species should be in their natural habitat.

"Here you can see an animal carrying a small cat in its arms," ​​was the hard comment of an Internet user; while another opined: "Poor little animal. It shows that he does not want to be touched, nor cut his hands … but the show is worth more.

But beyond the controversy, Maluma He managed to establish himself as one of the most influential Latin artists today. His influence on music transcended singers of international stature who recorded collaborations with the Colombian. But despite his unexpected retirement, the interpreter of "Happy the Four" It has managed to captivate 13.4 million users at Spotify, becoming the Latin artist with more followers on the streaming platform.

Maluma, who recently won the Grammy in the category & # 39; Best Pop Vocal Album & # 39; ("FAME"), won Spotify for artists such as Ozuna, J Balvin, Papai Yankee, Luis Fonsi, among others, including Mexican singer Natalia Lafourcade, who could not stop her rage being dethroned by reggaeton in full gala of the Grammy.


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