LG registers the name of eight possible folding phones: report



Flexible panel playback from LG.


If this year was the year of notch, it seems that, without a doubt, 2019 will be the year of folding or flexible phones. And we have recorded reports and rumors about how different companies are working with this type of device for months.

Although the Royole FlexPai was ahead of everyone by launching the first flexible or foldable cell that can be purchased, many other companies are working on that. We know that LG Display, an affiliate of LG Electronics that manufactures screens, is collaborating with several Chinese manufacturers in the development of flexible panels.

In this way, we expect to see next year the deployment of foldable handsets from Samsung, Huawei and perhaps also from Korean, LG.

The company confirmed in October He was working on his own foldable cell phone and now, two reports from LetsGoDigital, point out that LG Electronics applied for three trademark registrations in the EUIPO (Intellectual Property Office of the European Union) on November 21, 2018 and another five registrations on 23 November.

According to records of the Class 9 category (belonging to smart phones), the company seems to be considering "LG Flex", "Foldi", "Duplex", "Bendi", "Solid", "Solidis", "XB" XF "as names for their future smartphones. Just as with any patent or trademark we must take the information with caution, since registration does not mean that it will end up in an end product.

However, remember that LG has already used the name Flex for G Flex family smartphones, smartphones characterized by having a curved and flexible screen, so it is possible that they could reuse it for their new saga of folding smartphones.

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