Lethal diet: Do not eat breakfast and dinner too late will put you like a barrel and can cost you your life


It is very important to do all meals according to healthy dietary guidelines. (The pineapple diet or how to lose 7 pounds in 7 days)

People who skip breakfast and eat too late, almost close to bed, are those who will have worse consequences if they suffer a heart attack. (EAT on vacation and follow diet if possible.)

He saw an investigation published in the "European Journal of Preventive Cardiology" (Revealing the diet of Elizabeth II: herring, steak and tonic).

The study found that people with these two eating habits had a four to five times greater chance of dying, of experiencing a new attack. cardiac O angina (chest pain) within 30 days after discharge for a heart attack. (Diet: Reasons to eat at one in the afternoon and dinner before nine)

This is the first study to evaluate these unhealthy behaviors in patients with acute coronary syndromes, according to M. Gayo in ABC.

Of the 113 people analyzed, 58% skipped breakfast, 51 ate late at night and 41% had both behaviors at 41% (the actual DIET is in the when and not at how much).

The study included patients with a particularly severe form of heart attack called ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI).

"One in ten patients with STEMI dies after one year and feeding is a relatively cheap and easy way to improve the prognosis."

This is what Marcos Minicucci, author of the article and professor of the State University of São Paulo (Brazil) points out.

According to the researchers, a minimum interval of two hours between dinner and bedtime is recommended.

"It is said that the best way to live is to eat breakfast like a king."

"A good breakfast usually consists of dairy products (skim or skim milk, yogurt and cheese), a carbohydrate (whole wheat bread, bagels, cereal) and whole fruits. It should be between 15 and 35% of our total daily calorie intake '.

The study included 113 patients with a mean age of 60 years, 73% male. They were asked about dietary behaviors on admission to a coronary care unit.

The breakfast was ignored as you eat nothing before lunch, excluding drinks such as coffee and water, at least three times a week. Late dinner was defined as a meal within two hours before bedtime, at least three times a week.

Previous studies have found that people who do not eat breakfast and eat late are more likely to have other unhealthy habits such as smoking and low levels of physical activity.

"Our research shows that the two eating behaviors are independently linked with weaker outcomes after a heart attack, but having a set of bad habits will only make things worse."

"People who work late can be particularly susceptible to a late dinner and then do not feel hungry in the morning."

In addition, they point out that "we believe that the inflammatory response, oxidative stress and endothelial function may be involved in the association between unhealthy eating behavior and cardiovascular outcomes."

In this study, the use of statins before hospital admission was higher in the group with unhealthy eating habits and with worse results. "There are some controversies regarding the eating habits of patients taking statins.

Our study suggests that patients with STEMI perceive statins as an alternative route to health benefits. But these drugs should be a complement to healthy eating habits, not a substitute. "


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