Leo Messi is integrated to play a game in Italy


ITALY.- Although not recovered one hundred percent, Lionel Messi figured in the call of Ernesto Valverde to travel to Italy, where on Tuesday they will hold a duel against Inter Milan corresponding to the group stage of the Champions League.

"Leo Mesi Are you going to travel to Milan? with the rest of the first team's expedition. He will do this without medical discharge, but he will be on the 22-man squad for Inter-Barca on the fourth day of the group stage, "he said in a statement.

The Argentinean star suffered a radio break On the right arm during the game against Sevilla on October 20, it was contemplated that Messi was out of action for at least three weeks, however, he was summoned, although he did not have a medical discharge.

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This Sunday, the & # 39; 10 & # 39; from Barcelona already trained with the rest of the team, I'm doing a specific recovery job to be able to get back to business sooner than planned. During his absence, Barcelona managed to win their last four games, including the Spanish classic against Real Madrid by scandalous score of 5-1.

Messi injury

O injury in Leo Messi It evolves at a very good pace. At first it was said that the footballer would be out of three weeks, but that period could be cut. The Argentine will be safe in the game next weekend against Betis and now the question is whether he can dispute the Champions League confrontation next Tuesday against Inter Milan.

What is certain is that Leo will travel this Monday with the rest from Barca's expedition to the Italian city, as MARCA learned from sources close to the club. Most likely Valverde will take 19 players in the case Messi finally can not play. The decision will be made in Milan according to the evolution of the injury that is so far on the right track.


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