Learn how negative CPI relieves pain in your pocket


Potatoes are the source of mashed potatoes, potato chips, milks, and now a negative CPI in December. As? Just as he reads …

According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), the Consumer Price Index (CPI) registered a monthly variation of -0.1%. And only one of the causes of this bass are the tubers.

Luis Miquel, manager of the Consortium Papa Chile, explained why prices fell: "At the end of October, the potatoes began to be harvested in the central zone and in February, it will start in the south. , prices fall. "

On how this will benefit consumers, Miquel revealed that "in the summer in no way raise prices (of potatoes). In addition, could continue to fall and reach 300 or 400 thousand pesos at the fair, and 800 thousand at the supermarket, this would be a normal price. "

Víctor Salas, an economist at the University of Santiago, said that "somehow, you can say with certainty that prices will not rise, and that maybe already positive for people."

Francisco Aravena, an economist at U.S. San Sebastián, said that "perhaps the only real benefit I see is the UF issue. People who have UF-indexed debt can have some kind of benefit because ultimately they have a much smaller increase in debt Last ".

On the subject, economist Víctor Salas said that "in the case of housing, at least will have 300 or 500 thousand pesos discount."

In addition to these products, others that fell in price were vegetables, legumes and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as clothing and footwear. Any advantages? The tour packages, because at this time of year there is more demand.

Which products are cheaper …


One of the products that fell was potato (-10.7%) and tomato (-13.2%). According to the INE, the tubers, vegetables and vegetables decreased and influenced the decline of the CPI.


Another of the negative incidents that occurred came from the hand of the costume item. There, footwear (-0.5%), long trousers for men (-5.0%) and pants and skirts for women (-3.2%) were the main victims.

Alcoholic beverages

Another product that fell was alcoholic beverages and tobacco. In the month there was a decrease of -0.6. Economist Víctor Salas indicated that this may be due to the liquidations made at the end of the year.


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