Latest movements in the UDI: Macaya adds the support of the reappeared Jovino Novoa and JVR of the deputy Urrutia who asks to "defend the figure of the general"


From 9 am to 6 pm, the UDI elections resume the "paper and pencil" format after the failure of the electronic attempt two weeks ago. In order to capture some of the undecided votes of more than 44,000 members allowed to vote, party presidential candidates used their latest resources to succeed on Sunday's long day.

Now, if and after the last embarrassment, tomorrow will be the elections in the IDU. The two candidates running for the presidency of the party, current leader Jacqueline van Rysselberghe and deputy Javier Macaya have begun to burn their last letters to secure the victory.

The congressman, who hopes to dethrone the JVR, actually joined UDI's flagship Jovino Novoa, who disappeared after being convicted in the Penta Case.

This was disclosed through the Instagram by Macaya himself, with this publication: "In our trips through Chile, we made a stop to talk with a great about our history, about the future, but above all of life."

"Thank you, Jovino, for your advice as always, that you recover later, you are losing a lot in the IDU", closes the Macaya text, accompanying the image in which also the deputies Juan Antonio Coloma Álamos and María José Hoffmann.

Meanwhile, van Rysselberghe is not far behind, since he added the support of the controversial deputy Ignacio Urrutia, who made headlines last week for mocking the mapudungun of the parliamentarian Emilia Nuyado, during the interpellation to Andrés Chadwick.

Through a video, Urrutia said that "I have no doubt that with it we will continue to defend our values, our principles and what is the figure of my general and the government," he said, alluding to the regime of Augusto Pinochet.

In that sense, he insisted that it is necessary that "we double our efforts and do everything possible so that (Van Rysselberghe) continues being the president of the UDI".


From 9 am to 6 pm, the 44,555 UDI members authorized to vote will go to one of the 203 polling places designated to decide whether they want Jacqueline van Rysselberghe to continue or take over as President Javier Macaya.

Although they can not vote for the militants "suspended for various situations related to their refichaje", according to Servel.

In addition, a computer center will be installed at the UDI headquarters in Santiago, which will function as a call center to meet the demands of the day and, from the closing of the tables, at 6 pm, centralize the information to accelerate the delivery of the results.


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