Wednesday , June 16 2021

Last light Redux this weekend

If you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription and have the days to launch Metro Exodus, Microsoft offers you the perfect opportunity to keep up with the saga. Or at least have a first contact with her: Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux are played for free from January 17 to 20 together with Replace: Mech City Brawl.

Throughout this weekend, it will be possible to download and play the full versions of these three games, keeping all the progress and achievements we get in them. Also, if we like the game, we can reach them with a very special discount.

Metro 2033 Redux for 5 euros (in the amount of 19.99 euros, 75% discount)

Launched in late August 2014, it is a dystopia in Russia of 2033. In it, the survivors settled down underground founding subway cities. Enough to be safe from the horrors that dominate the outside?


Metro: last light Redux for 5 euros (in the amount of 19.99 euros, 75% discount)

A year has passed since the events of Metro 2033 Redux and now we must not worry only about the siege of external threats: we are facing the prelude to a civil war capable of erasing humanity itself from the face of the Earth.


An alternative to take us with these updated versions together or separately for a truly depreciable price.

Replace: Mech City Brawl for 19,49 euros (value of 29,99 euros, 35% discount)

In addition to the two remastered submissions from Metro, the proposal for Xbox Live Gold subscribers is supplemented by a brawler in which we will pilot colorful giant robots in a kind of world tour of destruction.

The process for downloading these three games is to access the Xbox Live Gold tab in the console interface.

An unbeatable appetizer to get in tune with the face Subway Exodus, which will be available as of February 15 next on both the Xbox One and PS4 and PC

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