La Calera had to relinquish the draw with Chapecoense in its debut in South America


Union La Calera had to make do with a goalless draw in his first historical game for the Cup of South America. The red "cementero" fought and it was superior to its rival Chapecoense in the renovated stadium "Nicolás Chahuán", but never opened the arc to validate his superiority on the scoreboard.

The Caleran team started much better and with great chances to score. Marcelo Larrondo and Juan Leiva they were the most active in the attack, although without sufficient precision to enact the first.

The Santa Catarina business for the opening match of the tournament was clear from the start: they played to defend themselves and try the counterattack.

The first action that complicated the background of aliens came up in 6 & # 39 ;, in a combination of Larrondo and Leiva who was saved in an incredible way by the goal João Ricardo, who later accused pains of being met and in the process calm the initiative of the owners.

By hand eight reinforcements in the tenth title, La Calera continued with its role and only suffered damages in the 28th, when in a quick maneuver Wellington managed to enter on the left to send a parallel center that Renato used to shake the first post.

In the last half hour, the team from the Valparaiso region regretted twice. And that's between 69- and 72-, Walter Bou and Larrondo They would soon be converted with two headers. Both attempts were wide.

La Calera's insistence continued until the last play of the game. In a race through the center, Larrondo surpassed the defense of the "Chape" and unloaded, to meet the solid bail of Ricardo. The rebound was poorly used by Bou (90 + 4 & # 39;).

The rematch between the two cast, for the goes to the second round of the competition, it will be on Tuesday February 19 in the Condá Arena, in the city of Chapecó.

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